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More home applicable LED downlights

LED downlight  are rapidly expanding in household use. Hidee led-qualified LEDs use only

about 30%-35% of the energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent

bulbs. They come in a variety of colors, and some are dimmable or offer convenient features

such as daylight and motion sensors.

Replacing 15 inefficient incandescent bulb in your home with energy-saving LED downlight

could save you about $150 per year. For the greatest savings, replace your old incandescent

bulbs with Hidee led qualified lamp.

Visit Hidee led to find the right light bulbs for your fixtures. They are available in sizes

and shapes to fit in almost any fixture and provide the greatest savings in fixtures that

are on for a long time each day.

When remodeling, look for recessed light fixtures or "cans" which are rated for contact with

insulation and are air tight (ICAT rated).

When replacing incandescent bulbs from recessed light fixtures, use energy-efficient bulbs

that are rated for that purpose. For example, the heat buildup in downlights will

significantly shorten the life of spiral CFLs.

Consider purchasing Hideeled-qualified fixtures. They are available in many styles,

distribute light more efficiently and evenly than standard fixtures, and some offer

convenient features such as dimming.

Controls such as timers and photocells save electricity by turning lights off when not in

use. Dimmers save electricity when used to lower light levels. Be sure to select products

that are compatible with the energy-efficient bulbs you want to use.

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